Thank you for donating to Iowa River Hospice. Your gift allows us to continue to provide hospice, grief support and other services to those in need.

Please consider donating during our Annual Donation Campaign- The following is a heartfelt letter written by one of our hospice family members highlighting the care her husband received in our care.

Request for Giving Family of Rick Peterson

Memorial Donations:   Memorial gifts are a wonderful way to honor the memory of someone who was important to you in a meaningful way. Families may designate that memorials are given to Iowa River Hospice.  Cash contributions can be made in person, by mail or soon by PayPal on this website.

Gifts in Honor of:   Give the gift of love and care. Many give monetary gifts in honor of birthdays, anniversaries, weddings, Christmas and other special occasions. This works well for those who “don’t need anything.” It is a wonderful way to acknowledge their special day. Cash contributions can be made in person, by mail or soon by PayPal on this website.

Gifts of Stock:  A stock gift is a way to make a gift contribution and also receive a tax savings.

Matching Gifts:  Many employers offer matching gift programs if you contribute to a not-for-profit organization such as Iowa River Hospice. Ask your employer if a gift to hospice would qualify. What a wonderful way to increase your contribution and to involve your employer.

Endowment:  Iowa River Hospice soon plans to have an endowment set up for those who would like to see their contribution live on to help Iowa River Hospice and many throughout the coming years.

Planned Gift:  These gifts are thoughtful ways of giving after your death.  Some examples of giving in this way are though a life insurance policy, your final will or an annuity.

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Your support allows us to deliver compassionate care at a tender time of life. To make a donation to Iowa River Hospice, please provide the required information in the form below. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at 641-753-7704.

Thank you.

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