Iowa River Hospice Team

It is reassuring to know your loved one is cared for by a team of professionals whose goal is to ensure dignity and comfort for our patients and support for the family. Volunteers receive training to assist in a wide variety of ways. Our staff and volunteers are your friends and neighbors who feel it is an honor to be part of this special time of life. Our patient-to-staff ratio is kept low so we can be there when you need us.

Patients are cared for by a trained interdisciplinary team of volunteers and professionals to help patients and families deal with the physical, psychological, social and spiritual issues they are facing.

Members of this team include:

Medical Director:

Dr. Timothy Swinton will work with your physician and our team to develop a care plan that is specific to your needs. Our Medical Director is available for consultation 24 hours a day.

Administrative Staff:

  • Shauna Callaway-RN, BSN
    Executive Director

  • Maddie Callaway–MHA,PTA
    Director of Clinical Operations

  • Danielle Plaehn- HR Coordinator

  • Pamela Wells- Community Liaison and Volunteer Coordinator

  • Mary Ann Boriskey- Receptionist

  • Connie Workman-Receptionist

Not Pictured: Lindsay Rice- Administrative Coordinator


Under the direction of the physician, your nurse will manage symptoms and function as an important advocate for patient needs. They will provide support and valuable information to family members who are caring for their loved ones. Nurses are available 24-hours-a-day / 7 days a week to respond to patient and family needs.

  • McKenna Banes- RN

  • Chris Barten-RN,BSN

  • Miranda Bohl-RN

  • Ashley Bond-RN

  • Paige Chik- RN

  • Danette Damman- LPN

  • Ann Ersland- ARNP

  • Jamie Flathers- RN

  • Sheryl Goos- RN, BSN

  • Allie Hartwig-RN

  • Madison Lacina- RN

  • Amanda McDowell-RN

  • Jenn Mull-RN

  • Karla Newton- RN, CHPN

  • Cindy Nyce- RN

  • Sue Olson- RN

  • Sandy Peters- RN, BSN

  • Sara Riley -RN, BSN

  • Karen Shuey-RN Nurse Manager

  • Denise Starits-RN,BSN

  • Sherri Stoakes- LPN

  • Pat Thompson-RN, BSN

  • Jennifer Williams-RN

  • Pam Wilson-LPN

  • Ellen Woods-LPN, Paramedic

  • Sally Youngbear-RN,BSN

Hospice Aides:

Hospice Aides assist with daily care needs such as bathing and grooming. With regular visits they become a source of comfort, emotional support and companionship for patients and their families.


  • Sandie Beals-HA

  • Rykki Bryant-HA

  • Kristina Coltrain-HA

  • Jenessa Edwards-HA

  • Sheryl Foster-HA

  • Angie Gunderson-HA

  • Cortney McDonald- HA

  • Katlyn McDonald- HA

  • Mary McDonald-HA

  • Olivia Parks-HA

  • Amy Pigors- HA

Not Pictured- Melinda Fricke-HA


Spiritual support is offered directly or in collaboration with the patient and family’s clergy. Diversity in religious belief is honored.

  • Harlan Nuss-Chaplain

  • Bob Spilger-Chaplain

  • Dan Vellinga- Chaplain

  • Alan Mullikin-Chaplain

Social Workers:

The social work team relieves the emotional stress on families who are facing critical life issues. They coordinate community resources when available and can also assist patients and families with understanding legal and financial matters involving their situation. Bereavement support is offered for families through mailing and group activities as well as individual consultations when needed.

  • Jen Ford-LBSW

  • Randy Svendsen-LBSW,MA


Our Pharmacist has years of hospice experience and attends our weekly team meetings to educate our staff and review patient profiles. Pharmacy support is available 24 hours a day.

  • Donna Eakins- RPh.


  • Brett Canaday

Massage and Music Therapy:

Not Pictured: Cheryl Case-Massage Therapist, Emma Vogel-Music Therapist