Advanced Life Directives

Advanced Life Directives, also called a “Living Will”, helps individuals express how they want to be treated if they become seriously ill and are unable to speak for themselves.  Iowa River Hospice often uses a document called “Five Wishes” for this purpose.   This document addresses individual’s wishes for medical, personal, emotional and spiritual care at the end of life, and encourages these wishes to be discussed with family and physicians.

Iowa River Hospice has these documents and are pleased to share them at no cost to you.  We also are available to present in-services to your church, civic or social group as requested.  Our social workers can visit with you and provide guidance and support with visiting with your family and health care provider and completion of the document.

Sometimes one of the most difficult parts of this decision making process is starting the conversation with your loved ones on their end-of-life wishes.  The Five Wishes booklet is a great tool to assist with this important conversation.

“What I want my loved ones to know,” the fifth wish is a special wish as this one helps enable individuals to express how they want to be remembered and helps them express the deepest parts of who they are.

It is wise for everyone, regardless of age or health status to think about end-of-life care preferences.  It is so very helpful for your loved ones if you should suddenly become gravely ill or seriously injured.  And then, if you are not able to voice your desires, you have some control of how you would choose your cares to be provided.

five wishes

Please contact our office if you would like more information about Advanced Directives or “Five Wishes" or to arrange a program.  (Contact Us)

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