Levels of Care

Iowa River Hospice provides 3 levels of care:

General Inpatient Care - GIP hospice care is available for patients who are determined to be at a level of severity whereby routine care in the home cannot meet the patient's needs. This care are for patients who develop pain or symptoms which have not responded to interventions in the home-like setting and who require short-term aggressive intervention as an inpatient to resolve the problem. Certain conditions must be met in order to qualify for this level of care. Typically, there is no additional cost to the patient with Medicare as well as with many private insurance plans

Respite Care - Respite care provides for patient stays for up to five days in this setting. Occasionally, family members may become exhausted and require temporary relief from their care giving duties. The Medicare Hospice Benefit and most private insurances allows for this respite care break for families. While care is offered to the patient, the caregivers get time to rest so that they can resume their responsibilities. A highly skilled, specialized hospice team manages patients' needs and the many concerns surrounding a life-limiting illness, with an emphasis on personal dignity and quality of life.

Residential Care - Residential care is available for hospice-qualified patients that have stable acute symptoms who cannot be managed at home, have no family to provide the care, or prefer a more intimate home-like atmosphere outside of their own residence. Residential services provided by The Iowa River Hospice Home are similar to “routine” hospice home care. Room-and-board fees do apply, and residential care is not covered under the Hospice Medicare Benefit. Some long-term insurance plans may pay for a portion of residential care.

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